Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday films with the muggles

All I can say is, those wizards must have big heads! I knit the smallest size and got gauge but I still had to make a seam in this Wizard Hat. Despite the inch taken in, the hat is a little roomy. He loved it anyway and ran all over the neighborhood with his hat and wand.

"Swish and flick, remember, swish and flick. And saying the magic words properly is very important too -"
-- Professor Flitwick

Here he is mixing up a potion. Perhaps a boil cure potion? Or a Hair-Raising Potion?

And casting a spell! "Aparecium!" says the boy wizard.

In honor of Harry Potter and little boys everywhere, tonight's Friday Film is - Harry Potter does BananaPhone!

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twinsetellen said...

Wow, the boy wizard created that film with one simple spell? Amazing!