Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ready for the storm

Well, not a real storm! It's just that I have my last triathlon of the season and its been really hard to work in training - what with getting ready to drive Middle Daughter to college next week. I'm thinking she will have to learn how to catch the bus if she wants to come home!

Anyway, I've been feeling over-stressed and undertrained. It makes me very crabby - although I try to keep it to myself - and that makes me mad because I actually really like doing triathlons. I like everything about them - except the competitive part. I know that I will be in the middle of the pack but I still worry if I've done enough.

And I already told Mr. Daisy that I'm making a big bowl of chocolate pudding tomorrow afternoon!

I looked through my own "out of season" box for this week's Saturday Seven.

Have you ever noticed that when you are on holiday, you make some unfortunate purchases? I bought these scottie-dog pajamas while travelling when I forgot to pack a pair. The tee-shirts - from the State Fair and vacation spots - and the hat came from a trip to Mexico. The white turtleneck was the only thing that was worn a lot.

MIddle Daughter's college is where my husband and I did our undergraduate degrees and it's quite near where we visited relatives for our vacation this summer. I was clearing photos off my camera and I found one that seemed appropriate.

This is what I'd like to be doing Sunday afternoon after my race! Right after that big bowl of chocolate pudding . . .

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Guinifer said...

I have been going through kitten-longing for a couple months now. She's adorable.