Saturday, August 02, 2008

Now, something for the other foot!

While on my trip, I finally finished sock #1 of my Go With the Flow socks. I've started sock #2 but it's really my knit-about-town-project. A little here and a little there and I'll be done in no time!

After getting all the trip laundry and home-again-cleaning out of the way, I spent this afternoon preparing for the summer deluge of tomatoes, pickles and dilly beans. My favorite is making applesauce but that isn't until autumn . . .

This Saturday Seven included another drive by - a drive by bundt pan! When we got back from our trip, there was a copper bundt pan on my porch. Not mine and not one of my neighbors' either! That, plus two tank tops, an bad swim suit choice, two old lenses and a filter for my husband's discarded camera make for an eclectic haul. I'll offer the lenses on Freecycle but the rest can go to charity.

On a knitting note: I hope you have had a chance to check out the Twist Collective. They have some really cool patterns and I like the idea of them maintaining copyright to their work. I recently heard an interview with a designer whose early patterns are all unavailable because the magazine that published them went out of business. What a bummer. So, check out what the Twist Collective has to say on that subject!

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Guinifer said...

Well, I purchased my quota of patterns, but I may go back.