Saturday, August 30, 2008

One more project to labor on

I picked this project up again after a long delay - I think I started it in 2005. I was hoping to finish it as a WIP wrestling event for the Ravelry Olympics but it just didn't happen. It's the Cranberry Bag from 25 Bags to Knit by Emma King. Anyway, I finished the beaded front and the plain stockinette back and tomorrow I will do the handles and the blocking. I've picked up a little fabric for a lining and I'll be working on that this Labor Day weekend. Maybe I'll get a bike ride in as well! Quite a slow down from last week's "Fun-o-rama!"

One of my favorite displays at the Minnesota State Fair's Creative Activities building was this section from the Minnesota Weavers' Guild. I think I will plan better and spin something for next year's fair. As for the weaving, I don't have a loom but I am plotting to find space for one - a small one, just one small 20 inch Ashford Rigid Heddle loom. What's the harm in that?

For this week's Saturday Seven, check out Just one part of my morning's work cleaning out Middle Daughter's room. As long as I don't touch The Doll, she doesn't mind the clean out. Three pairs of old jeans, one pair of shorts and tee shirts galore - already out the door to a church rummage sale.

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Guinifer said...

You would've laughed at me on Friday as I had my 50 gallon trash bag full of 6 months worth of Saturday Sevens!