Friday, November 28, 2008

Button, Buttton

My Tudora with its button. Still roomy but at least I'm not dropping shawl pins all over the floor.

Here's Tudora Mark II - with its button as well. I thought I should shop for several buttons at once. This time, I'm following the pattern and getting pretty close to gauge. This is using leftover Malabrigo yarn bought several years ago for a "learn to knit aran sweaters" class at Stitches Midwest. Beth Brown-Reinsel was the teacher and it was a great boost to my "knitting comfort" zone. It was a doll sized stitch sampler - all different cables and techniques - so it looked a little odd and I never had a use for it.

As you can see, I never finished the sweater! Youngest Daughter says it would be a good fit for her Dollfie Doll so I am going to finish it for Christmas this year. Probably the quickest knit I ever could produce!

For this Friday, you might enjoy this offering from Snag Films:

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Tonyia said...

Hey! I made one of those little sweaters. It was fun. Then I did make one from the book for my daughter. Of course, she was like 8 years old - and I made it to fit. So she didn't wear it for an extended period...

I've got the sample sweater hanging from my design bulletin board.

The neckline seems small to fit on a doll. Dolls always seem to have such big heads.