Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not so Lazy weekends

Well, I finally finished my "Winter Warmer" crochet hat for Youngest Child. It never really took on the shape it had in the Lucinda Guy book but it is still cute. I skipped the ear flaps - they looked extremely odd - and just kept the hat.

I think the problems came from the rectangular start - it looks neat but it played hell with the "round head" shaping. Mr. Daisy has already put in an order for one - Christmas present, maybe?

Just a quick note to mention that - while I did take pictures of the Saturday Seven - the photos were terrible. Half were my items - a pair of brown Dockers that I managed to shrink, a long sleeved tee shirt and two turtlenecks that I just never liked - and three came from Dear Husband - three 4x8 sheets to drywall. The clothing are going to the charity drop off box at my church and the drywall already went to some neighbors. That makes it much easier to park in the garage!

Yesterday, after all the usual family stuff, GFMelissa and I ducked into the the Christmas Fair over at the Swedish American Institute in Minneapolis. This was a fabulous start to their holiday shopping season and I highly recommend visiting their gift shop.

You'll want to get on their mailing list anyway because of the upcoming "Radiant Knits: The Bohus Tradition" exhibit and workshops from January 23 – March 29, 2009. I am going to the opening weekend and can't wait to hear the speakers and watch the film that is part of the exhibit. I took a class in Bohus style knitting - it's very fine two-color knitting - and the SAI gift shop is going to stock Bohus knitting kits. It appears that they will have both sweater and hat/scarf sets.

Today wasn't quite so relaxing. I was swimming in my first individual - non relay events - Minnesota Masters Swim meet in Northfield, Minnesota at the St. Olaf College pool. It was a Pentathlon meet where you swim five events. I did very well in my age group with the exception of breast stroke and even that wasn't bad. So, now I'll know what to expect in the future!

Now, I'll be able to settle down with some knitting by the fire.

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Lorraine said...

WTG on the swim meet. I just attended my first swim meet ever with DD#2. She's joined the local swim team.

Makes me want to take lessons and learn to swim, too.