Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tudor Ta-Da!

A quick little project - originally meant as a holiday gift - but, now it's for me. I didn't quite get the gauge I wanted so I don't think it's good for gifting. I am going to make another one out of some scrap malabrigo as a present.

The Tudora pattern is meant to evoke an Elizabethan neck ruff and it's also asymmetrical. This fuzzy phone photo really shows that off. It tucks into the neck of a coat very nicely. At some point, I'll replace the shawl pin with a button.

I am also spending time on my February Lady's sweater - I really want to power knit some this Thanksgiving. I got a little done today watching "Persuasion" - the recent BBC version - and boy, now I need to have a stiff drink. Or, maybe it's an allergic reaction to the new chlorine mixture at my local pool. Either way, I'm tired, cranky and have a rotten headache. Or, maybe it's just pre-birthday jitters.

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Guinifer said...

How was Persuasion?

The Ruff looks very sweet.