Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A HSKS 6 Package for Me!!

A lovely little UPS owl dropped this off today - straight from Aurora Curlyfur in Gryffindor! It is just chock full of handmade goodies - hand dyed yarn, a knitted purse and a cute felted zip bag for needles and such. The tea was delicious, the sock yarn is soft (and a muted shade for Hufflepuffs - not the curse of lurid House colors for me!) and the sock needles are short. I also got a great stitch pattern directory. Really, you couldn't ask for a nicer package! Let's hope it helps me get ready for Hogwarts finals!

Knitting wise - I've moved below the neckline on the February Lady Sweater and made a cute little beginning of the Winter Woolie hat from Lucinda Guy's Crochet Designs for Kids.

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Guinifer said...

Lucky you! I haven't heard from my Spoiler in weeks ;(

I didn't know you crocheted too!