Saturday, February 07, 2009

A gaggle of . . . skaters

Today was Youngest Child's last day of Mighty Kids, a learn-to-play hockey program in Saint Paul. It's very funny - like watching ducks play hockey. He learned a lot and his skating has improved quite a bit. Of course, Mr. Daisy's instructions to him every week - "Skate like you are being chased by bears!" - seems guaranteed to give him a trip to the counselor.

I bought this yarn at the Holiday Sale at the Weaver's Guild of Minnesota over at the Textile Center. I have 12 or 13 skeins of lovely hand spun Shetland in dark brown. Each skein is slightly different in size, however, so I'm not quite sure of my yarndage. I'm thinking some could be 150 yards and some could be about 220. I am a bit too lazy right now to weigh and re-skein them. It's Middle Daughter's birthday party and we've having home made mini pizzas and ice cream cake from Izzy's. Yum!

Most of these Saturday Seven items are going off to GFMelissa's for her youngest. He's a big fan of trains and construction!

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