Tuesday, February 03, 2009

And where are those kittens?!!

I have an apparent affinity for the delete button on my digital camera. I was all giddy, trying on the February Lady Sweater and even posing some fabu camera shots when - I deleted them all. By that time, I needed to move on and I just used my old camera phone to do the deed.

Note the bemused yet irritated expression on my face. Middle Daughter just got back her Senior Photo shots and one or two have the gazing-just-past-the-nose pensive high school girl expression. Or as we call it here, the "But where are the kittens? I was promised kittens!" expression. I think this was my grumpier version.

Hopefully, by tonight, I'll have the sleeve finished. Which is good because I am seriously thinking of joining up with the Ravelry Vest-uary Group and making the Abrazo Vestt from Knitty

But only if it comes with kittens.


Guinifer said...

Love the kittens expression!

Cute vest pattern.

Tonyia said...

Great sweater! I love seeing knits on actual people, it gives me a better idea of the sweater. This is very flattering!