Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Remember this?

This was the start of my Abrazo Vest (pattern from for the Ravelry Vestuary Knitting Group until I realized one serious thing.

Way back about two inches from the beginning, I was supposed to switch to stockinette stitch from the ribbing. So, today I ripped back to those two inches and reknit the vest.

I still like it but the change to stockinette stitch has caused the vest to grow quite a bit. Even though this is just under the bust line, it seems too wide. Tomorrow morning I will try it on and get the final look. Who knows, maybe I'll go down to the medium size.

Luckily, there was a lot of good late night television last night (The rise and fall of Rome) and tonight (Rattle and Hum) so I don't have to spend the day glued to my chair. Gluing my eyes open, maybe!

1 comment:

Guinifer said...

What's the yarn? It looks yummy...(so does the vest).