Saturday, February 28, 2009

The last day of Vestuary!

Well, this finally turned out nicely. I made Middle Daughter try it on for the photographs - she even said it was "nice." It is incredibly warm, however, so I think it will work well over a long sleeved tee shirt in the spring when the heat in the house isn't quite so high.

I'm not too crazy about the single crochet edging on the back of the neck - it just looks a little thick - but I can change that later if necessary.

I really like the colors in the vest - I have a bit left over so I may attempt a hat. I might even make another one using my handspun - but not in the bulky yarn!

The Saturday Seven came about when we painted Youngest Daughter's bedroom last week. We moved furniture, sorted out books for her bookcase and are still thinking about curtains. I haven't even attempted her closet yet - maybe for next week.

Well, Youngest Child and I are "Batchin' it" tonight - the girls and their dad are out at their school's annual Father-Daughter dance. The Boy and I are making pizza and then making some finger puppets as a project. Very exciting stuff!

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Guinifer said...

It is lovely - and looks like a beautiful layering piece!