Friday, February 27, 2009

My morning vest

Okay, my older children's school was off this week and I've spent a fair amount of time goofing off, eating ugly-but-tasty cookies, walking the dog, shopping for dance dresses and . . . Face Book Farming. Yes, the snow has done nothing to quench my urge for spring - I want plants now!

When not goofing, I was knitting - a little.

If I hadn't been reading a book last night instead of knitting, this would be a finished vest. I just need to knit up the front straps and then connect it. Perhaps tonight I'll post a finished vest. Of course, that means GFMelissa won't be able to kidnap me for a long ski trip later this morning. A short one would be fine!

Sadly, this morning I read of the death of poet Bill Holm. I highly recommend his last book "The Windows of Brimnes."

Here is the Friday Film, a clip of Bill Holm talking about the late Senator Paul Wellstone:

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