Monday, September 14, 2009

Biker chicks and roosters

This is the kind of photo you get if you let your very tall spouse take the picture with your phone.

Sunday was the St. Paul Classic Bike Tour. Mr. Daisy and I were the only ones attending from our family this year as Oldest and Middle Daughters are off at college and it was Rally Day at our church - the first day of Sunday School for the Younger Ones. We rousted them out of bed, got them up and dressed for their ride to church with some friends and left for our 30 mile route.

Since Mr. Daisy is working on keeping his exercise heart rate at certain levels, we took it easy and had a lovely time. I did get to pull ahead on the hills - love them! - but we pretty much talked and biked the whole way.

The rest stops are great - coffee and cookies! - and the entertainment is always first rate.

I apologize if you are the burly guy in orange in this photo. I was trying to get a photo of all the different kinds of bike jerseys people wear. My blue top was very boring in comparison.

This was the first time in several years, however, that I really didn't need to wear a jacket. Most years, I wear workout pants over my bike shorts as well as a long sleeve shirt. Sunday was sunny, warm and lovely!

I think that next year, we will bring along Youngest Boy. This route was just his idea of fun. You should give it a try!

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Guinifer said...

We were heading over to the Como Park area on Sunday for a Lacrosse camp and we ran into a group of Bikers. Was that you?