Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goodbye old week! Hello new week!

Saturday mornings are pretty relaxed at our house. The boys were working hard but I was wandering around the garden with my camera. I'd had the house windows closed for much of the week because the city was replacing sidewalks around my neighborhood. Very dusty work!

What was this mess out on the sidewalk is now this -


Up close, the words read:

Advice to Gardeners

Accept brevity
celebrate decay
Emancipate failed growth. Hope
it'll just keep living. Mulch
near odd places.
Quit raking.
Tend unlimited variegated words.
Xerox your zucchini.

Ah, words to live by. You do know I am the only gardener who is unable to grow zucchini, don't you?

I also found this little guy. Cute but . . . N.I.M.B.Y.!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The Saturday Seven is easiest when I can convince someone to clean their room. OR clean it for them! Oldest Daughter is away at college (with 98 % of her stuff!) and I needed to clean out her room for a visitor. Say good bye to four pairs of shorts and three tee shirts. All left over from her hockey days and ready to move over the Saint John the Evangelist Big Sale (which is coming up on Oct. 4!)

I'm off to volunteer at the Textile Center of MN. It's Family Day and I'll be at the Minnesota Knitters' Guild table. See you there!


Guinifer said...

What the heck - is that a SLUG?

twinsetellen said...

Fabulous to have poetry in the sidewalk!

stephen said...

I can relate to you quandry of not being able to grow Zucchini. Try as I have for quite a few years now, I've been able to grow the plants and even have had success in them blooming...but...not one plant has ever produced a Zuchini!