Saturday, September 05, 2009

State Fair Saturday

From our Swedish Lutheran cups of coffee to yours! We started our second visit to the Minnesota State Fair with a breakfast visit to the Salem Lutheran Church Breakfast Hall. Yum - that Swedish Coffee can't be beat - and their whole wheat toast is pretty good too.

No trip to the state fair is complete with a fling on the Giant Slide. Oddly enough, no one besides Youngest Child wanted to ride this year.

This hat, glove and scarf set was adorable and truly deserved its award. I don't know who gives out the Daisy Knits award but I agree!

There appeared to be an alarming trend of kids climbing on their mothers over in the Dairy Barn!

I always buy something yarn or fiber related at the fair. This year I bought a jar of hand creme at the Shepherd's Choice booth and this lovely Icelandic Sheep roving over at the Minnesota Lamb and Wool producers booth. Beautiful stuff - I think it's from Misty Meadows Icelandics.

I also love it when Mr. Daisy cleans out his drawers. I'd been trying to get him to wear slightly more attractive socks and he helpfully pulled out seven pairs of gym socks. Perfectly good ones that I would not feel bad about giving away to charity.

No visit to the state fair would also be complete without a recounting of the fair foods eaten:

After a traditional eggs and toast breakfast over at Salem Lutheran, I split a Scotch Egg with Youngest Daughter. That's a hard boiled egg wrapped in spicy sausage, dipped in breading a fried. It was a little dry but otherwise tasty. Definitely what's known as "protein rich" food.

Mr. Daisy and I shared a bag of spicy, sugary roasted almonds from the European Roasted Nuts booth (otherwise known as Kleines Bayern Roasted Nuts) - a yearly treat for us.

I also had a new taste treat - the Texas Tater Twister. This is a spiral cut potato wrapped around ( they claim) a course ground sausage. I'm thinking mine was a hot dog. It was good but very, very hot. The spiral cut Lemon-Pepper flavored potato alone was much better. I drank water but the rest of the family enjoyed Fresh Squeezed Lemonades.

Now, we're at home and it's time to think about dinner. Plain, simple tomato sandwiches!

Remember, there are two whole more days to go and try things out for yourself at the Minnesota State Fair!

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Guinifer said...

Mmmm, I'll vote for the tomato sandwiches!