Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Revisiting Elizabeth Zimmerman

Sometimes, it takes a while for a good idea to sink in. A few weeks ago at the Minnesota Knitting Guild's Yarnover, a spring knitting workshop, I took at class from Meg Swanson. It was kind of a review of Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system for creating sweaters. Ms. Swanson had tons of photographs and real knitted sweaters that she used to illustrate various kinds of necklines, increases, hems, etc. I'd probably seen most of the sweaters before but seeing them in person was great.

It was a real eye opening kind of class! My first knitting book was "Knitting without Tears" and I have several other of EZ's books. So much is about guidelines rather than patterns. I forgot how much I appreciated that. I've been searching for a pattern for Middle Daughter but nothing was clicking. Now, I think I am going to adapt one of Elizabeth Zimmerman's designs with a few changes for MD's tastes.

So, I picked up the DVD of "Knitter's Workshop" and I have been watching a little every day. Now, I finally got a copy of the accompanying book (from the excellent library at the Textile Center of Minnesota!) and I am so enjoying it. Ideas are flowing - or they will after a little more sleep!

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Lorraine said...

I guess I'll need to pull out my EZ book again! Sounds like a wonderful class!