Saturday, May 12, 2007

There was a Dalek in my garage

but it's gone forever. My husband sold it! Selling something is even better than giving it away. Just let me at the rest of the your stuff, honey.

The rest of our Saturday Seven came from me and Youngest Child. My wicking teeshirts still wicked just fine - but they shrunk. Out to the rummage sale. The boy's jacket and "Oh-so-cute" Keen sandals - over to Baby Karl. They were great but Youngest Child is growing like a Bad Weed - oops, I meant a Beautiful Flower.

Well, today was the day of days - my Oldest Daughter's big track meet AND her big dance. Me? I got to talk about knitting at the Minnesota Knitters' Guild table at Shepherd's Harvest. I also got to meet Lorraine from Of Faith and Fiber - it sounded like she had a relaxing and profitable afternoon! I discovered that she had also knitted the "Flower Basket Shawl" by Evelyn A. Clark and she had some great information about the needle cord length I'll need by the time I get to the end.

Tomorrow is my traditional Mother's Day visit to Shepherd's Harvest - I can't wait. We eat Kettle Korn, browse the vendors, check out the llamas, pet the goats (I really want a goat!) and, finally, buy a little fiber. I'm going to look for items for my HSKS partner - she's a Slytherin so I'll be checking out green yarn, sock needles, etc.

Enjoy your weekend!


Lorraine said...

I had a great day. The multiple trip to the car included three just for the hand-dyed yarn. Each two skein package required a trip, so I wouldn't be dragging drippy dye bags through the vendor area. I also picked up some Lorna's Lace sock yarn, hand-made soap and some fiber for spindling. Again, didn't want my swag anywhere near the dye class area. Enjoy your Mother's Day!

Guinifer said...

I was there for a few hours on Sunday afternoon - what a beautiful day!

Momma Monkey said...