Wednesday, May 02, 2007

This week's question . . . and a visiting knitter

- Time to join the Potter Army! Knitting Division, needles at rest.

This week's HSKS quote is from chapter one of " Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and it is Voldemort speaking to Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail)

"...for that, you will have your reward, Wormtail. I will allow you to perform an essential task for me, one that many of my followers would give their right hands to perform..."

Personally, Wormtail is my least favorite character. But I have found out who I send my swap kit to - she's a Sytherin (boo, hiss) and now the game's afoot!

In real life, I went to a multiple-college "Meet and Greet" kind of thing with my daughter last night. I guess I am the farthest thing from a "helicopter" parent as I sat there and knit all evening as she went from table to table and collected information.

I did meet another knitter/mother from St. Peter, MN, who told me all about her great local yarn store, the Tangled Skein. I saw this store at Yarnover a few weekends ago and took note because they carry Green Mountain Spinnery's Mountain Mohair. I've been thinking about some of their patterns but because I've never seen the yarn in person, I was hesitant to commit. It sounds like another road trip will be necessary!

I mostly worked on my green sock (toe decreases!) and she worked on a baby sweater. When I pulled out my "Flower Basket" practice shawl, however, the visiting knitter was very helpful. She had knit it before and gave me a little advice. Unfortunately, by the end of evening, I had to frog some of the work I'd accomplished on the Grinnell trip. This time, I put in a "lifeline" - that's where you thread a yarn through the stitches to create a visual marker - and it's been easy sailing since then.

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Guinifer said...

The drive to St. Peter can be so lovely!