Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday Seven . . . and good tidings!

Big to little, today's Saturday Seven were very simple. The chairs and one clip on sunshade for a child's wagon went to Freecycle, the children's dishes and the boots went to a rummage sale, the book on cd, "The Land Between the Seas" by David McCullough goes to a collection of books-on-cd for troops overseas and the bike shoes and triathlon suit are going to be posted on my tri group's list. Something for everyone!

The good news is that Miss Ariel's dress is the Grand Prize Winner for the Mall of America's Final Cut Prom Dress Contest! They will be producing her dress for next year! Congrats to a great girl!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support, Ariel

Guinifer said...

That is so cool for Ariel.

Lorraine said...

So exciting! I voted, multiple times, and not just because you asked but because it was my favorite dress! WTG!