Sunday, May 27, 2007

Time is moving onward - but where is my map?

Blessed is the person who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night.


If there was a harried look in this sheep's eyes, it would be me.

These last two weeks have occured on overdrive. School events, class parties, triathlon training, bike rides, visits to St. Louis, graduations, parents' visits - augh. There is just too much going on! And I am responsible for making it all happen!

There is some knitting - the green sock creeps onward. I swear that some Penelope is ripping it back every night. Six more rows. And six more rows. And six more rows. The darn marker does not appear to be budging.

I've also started a baby blanket version of Evelyn A. Clark's "Edged with lace" simple shawl. I'm using some "on hand" Cascade 220 Superwash in color 802. This looks like a muted green when viewed online - but trust me, it's really GREEN! Eyecatching, pirate-parrot, some-sort-of-hosta, maybe-a-tropical-fish GREEN. It's for the "fetus yet to meet us" of a swim friend and she doesn't know if it's a boy or girl, so I think green will make a great baby blanket. Not a sweater, though. It's too loud for a sweater.

Right after I cast on, I found out another friend brought home a brand new baby boy and now I will have to hustle up another sweater. Maybe a hat? Hmm.

I am still working on a red project for my mother - but since she's visiting, I can't work on it in front of her.

Tomorrow, I am taking the third bike ride of the weekend. I'm definitely worried about the Manitou Tri on June 10 - I don't think I am at full athletic capacity yet - and I need more time on the bike. Unfortunately, my legs are telling me that they want off that crazy thing.

What I'm really looking forward to is working on my HKSK bag. I found the right green colors and thread and I am using an Amy Butler pattern for a backpack/tote bag. I want to get the package in the mail and off my hands THIS week. I wil take some photos of it. I wish I was getting this cool exchange!

Yesterday's Saturday Seven is completely boring. When cleaning frantically after my trip and before my mother's arrival, I cleared out bedding and towels.

Boring things like two blankets, a bedspread and four towels. I may take a picture. Or maybe not. They are so dull that I'm worred that no one would buy them at a rummage sale. Not great stuff - but not trash either. The kind of stuff you would give to your first born for their first apartment. Unfortunately, that would be about five years in the future and I don't have the storage room. Look out, Saint John the Evangelist's Big Sale, here comes trouble!

Technically, it is now Memorial Day. Have a lovely holiday, spend time with your loved ones and remember those who have served in the Armed Forces.


Guinifer said...

I did my clearing out at the cabin this weekend and got two garbage bags full of too-small boys clothes for the local church.

Lorraine said...

I swear, this time of year is almost as wearing as the Thanksgiving-New Years season. Hope you're close to done with the craziness.

I bet you'll do fine at the tri, as long as you taper well. I'll be pulling for you.