Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nothing but air -

As I am the boring member of my family, I have done nothing more interesting today than clean house. Two daughters are at Anime Detour in Bloomington (the "Mecca" of nerds as the other daughter called it but, really, it is quite entertaining! I don't think you have really lived until you watch a carload of boys dressed as elves arrive in the middle of the day) and Middle Daughter is at a Father/Daughter dance with her dad. Youngest Child and I have hot plans for watching "Flash Gordon" and some macaroni and cheese. Ah, the high life!

This Saturday Seven will warm the cockles of your heart - it was all coats. One warm winter coat from my Youngest Daughter, one from my husband, a very fine red leather coat from my Late Mother-in-law, a fuzzy brown fleece jacket from me, a lovely blue snap cardigan that I loved but, alas, it shrunk, and two hoodies from various daughters. These are all great coats and I've felt, oh, I don't know, greedy, for keeping them when they weren't being worn. I am all for keeping things out of the dumpster when I die.

Anna, my late Mother-in-law, once told me a story about her elderly neighbors. The husband had died and the wife just couldn't handle the maintenance of her house on her own. After her children helped her move into assisted housing, they came back to the house, hired a dumpster and put everything left from the house in the trash. Furniture, tools, appliances, everything. When Anna mentioned that their Amish neighbors would probably have appreciated some of the tools, the neighhbor's daughter said, "Who would want any of this? It's all trash." and off it all went to the dump. That's when Anna said she would haunt anyone who sent her to a retirement home. Sadly, she never even made it to "elderly", let alone retirement. And, most of her things went on to be used by many other people. No trashing there.

And no trashing at my house, either! Give it all to the Salvation Army or at least donate my yarn stash to my knitting guild. Wasted yarn would make me come back and haunt someone!

Youngest Child and his Grandma Anna in 2004

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