Saturday, March 17, 2007

Socks, socks and socks . . . and cookies!

I finally got my laptop back from repair (yea!) but I don't have all my data reloaded and this is definitely putting a crimp in my blogging. I've been hoarding my photos on my digital camera until I finally got I Photo up and running and now they're not quite where I want things.

In the meantime, however, I have been moving ahead on the sock marathon front. I really did not like the twin rib sock in Twisted Sisters "Avarice" sock yarn when I started. It just seemed so "bumpy" and not like the picture in the book. I had picked it because I thought it was easy. I was on the point of ripping it out. Now, at the decrease for the toe, I have to say it really is an easy pattern.

The sock yarn is just a little fuzzier than what I've knitted with in the past and I think it that when I block it, the pattern will be more distinct.

So, now that I have photos, I think that today will be heavy on "What's on my Camera?"

GFM making a date with the Lion Brand's Lion at Knit Out 2007 at the Mall of America. She told me she whispered, "Don't worry, you only have five more minutes until you can stop wearing that suit!" but I think she said, "Meet me the California Cafe in five minutes and break out the red wine!"

One of the most famous sweaters of my childhood, Mr. Rodgers' sweater. I heard his mother knitted them for him! Truly, a really nice guy.

And, finally, another really nice person - Annie Modesitt. She had a little meet and greet at my local yarn store, The Yarnery, on Friday night. She showed off some great designs, her new flip books and how to make dreadlocks out of yarn.

And about those cookies? My Saturday Seven. Our family bought two cases of Girl Scout cookies and we are sending them to some soldiers serving in Iraq. Unfortunately, we couldn't send the really great Samoas and Thin Mints (chocolate melts in the mail!) but we are sending some almost as good Little Brownie Bites and Cafe Cookies. Yum!


Lorraine said...

What kind of yarn is that? It looks deliciously soft and comfy. I was at MOA and was actually a little scared of the lion. Quirk of mine, I guess. Did you see the fashion show?

Ellen said...

The Twisted Sisters Avarice sock yarn, 100 % Alpaca in Olive Gold. Very soft but it became very fuzzy once I wound it into a ball. I thought it was going to be short on yardage but it fooled me.