Monday, March 05, 2007

Yet another day late . . .

I think our family just needs to stay home for a while. Two weekends ago, we were in Washington, D.C., and this past weekend, in the Brainard Lakes region of Minnesota. Needless to say, cross country skiing was on our menu.

We were at Clearwater Forest, a retreat center/camp near Lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota. Lots of snow. So much snow, in fact, that we drove up a day later than usual. We went with a group of families from our church so that older kids had pals to buddy around with, toddlers had plenty of playmates and knitters had lots of company! Great snow, good food and blazing fires in the fireplace made for a nearly perfect (too short, really) Minnesota vacation. Going up to the lake has an entirely different connotation when you are skiing on it!

I did collect some great giveaways, courtesy of Oldest Daughter. She stayed home to work, take a class and dogsit. When we returned on Sunday, I cornered her and "helped" her clean out her closet. Then, we moved on to the bedroom floor. Soon, we will take Berlin . . .

Not only did I fill a trash bag with actual trash to throw out, I filled a trash bag with the following items to give away:

3 pairs of shoes: Big ones. The kind of shoes where you say, "Oh, you went shoe shopping, dear?" and hope she didn't spend too much money.

3 skirts. Wild, fluffy shirts with a lot of orange. Not that I mind orange . . .

3 bags - one purse, one tote bag from Carnegie Mellon University, a prospective college and one book bag.

8 shirts. I hate ironing so I was glad to see these go!

2 vests. Ditto.

1 bush hat, one red belt and one "Study for the PSAT" book. So, should she be marooned in the Australian outback, she could stay cool, keep her pants up and study while waiting to be rescued.

Now, on their own, none of these are objectionable. It was only en masse that they really stuck out. This is one of the best things about the Saturday Seven. Sometimes, it gives you a chance to really look at the big picture. We didn't argue over a single item to be given away and she still has plenty of shoes, clothing, books, etc. We are truely a blessed family to have so many possessions.

My own personal excitement over the weekend was getting into the multicolored yoke on a Norwegian-style baby sweater I am knitting for the baby of a friend of mine. I haven't been posting about it because I wanted to keep it secret but Melissa was on the weekend trip with me and I was caught out. I don't care, I love this sweater so! Pictures to follow as soon as I get my ballwinder & swift back. You know a sweater is fun when you are willing to wind yarn from skeins into balls by hand!


Guinifer said...

Sounds like you had a great "Up Nort'" weekend. Good for your daughter, cooperating with the clean-out! I had Puck helping me pick out toys to give away this weekend, and then I forgot to put the bags out for the Lupus truck. D'oh!

Lucinda said...

With the snow pics in your prior post, I imagine the cross country skiing was great!