Friday, March 09, 2007

Where's my sweater? Is this my sweater? No, this is not my sweater . . .

"Where's my cow" is a actually a very funny book by Terry Pratchett. In it, a father is reading a book about cows to his very urban son. He wonders why he is reading about farm animals and their noises when his son won't ever see one except on his plate. So, he takes his son about town and creates a more "realistic" version for him.

How does this tie in with Youngest Child wearing this cute little sweater? Picture this. Youngest Child of Good Friend Melissa wandering about town asking, "Is this my sweater?" To which, the answer is always, "No, that is not your sweater, YCOGFM. Your sweater is being worn by YC of Humbledaisy. Bad Youngest Child. Give YCOGFM back his sweater!"

His answer? NO!

But give it away we did. Since YCOGFM is only one year old, he will enjoy it in about three years.

In this view, I was trying to show the problem I had with the "jog" on the yoke patterning. Hey, you probably wouldn't notice it anyway!

Not my sweater!!

And for the Saturday Seven? I decided to follow Ms. Brenda Dayne's lead and give away yarn to Interim House, a 6 month drug and alcohol residential and outpatient program for women located in Philadelphia. I do not know why I had these skeins of Alice Starmore wool, a full bag of Smart wool and one lone ball of cotton yarn but, out they go.

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Abby said...

Thank you so much for sending the yarn to Interim House! I can assure you its going to a good home, and will be used well. They LOVE wool at IH. They don't often get the chance to use honest-to-goodness wool, and are more often stuck with acrylic stuff.