Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Socks and flattery will get you everywhere!

I have decided that there are very few ways to take a flattering picture of your own socks on your own feet. No two ways about it. I think the best sock picture I've seen recently was the sock on the mannequin foot on the sock designer's back. Some pattern in Knitty.com? My feet aren't terribly big nor my legs terribly fat but out of ten photos, only two even remotely looked like real feet.

I spent a lovely hour and a half on Monday winding yarn while waiting for my daughter at her track practice. It was a lovely day, warm and sunny and I waited in the car. I managed to hook my ball winder onto the steering wheel and wound up a skein of Socks Your Way Merino from Fleece Artist in a gorgeous springy Green Pastures. I probably shouldn't be using this yarn - I got it after the Sock Marathon started so it wasn't in my start-up photo - but it is very nice. This pair of socks - also something from the Sensational Knitted Socks - should knit up into a less fluffy, thinner, more spring-like form.

This skein is 480m/524.9 yards of sock weight merino yarn, plenty of yardage for a comfy pair of socks. Now I have something to post on the L&V Sock Marathon page!

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Guinifer said...

That is a lovely, (thought somewhat funny), image in my head! I know I'd wind up with knots everywhere if I tried to wind yarn in my car!

(I think your sock picture is very nice.)