Thursday, September 11, 2008

Old friends and new ones as well

My self photos are terrible. When this is the best standing-on-the-piano-bench-taking-my-own-photo I can produce - it's just sad. For some reason, I found that I never photographed my Puggy Shruggy. My only change would be a short row raising of the neckline but that's just because I don't actually like shrugging.

The edging is kind of fun, however, and the real thing hangs nicely. The alpaca yarn, however, stretches a bit as I learned when Oldest Daughter (Muscles Flannigan, I'll call her) wore this and stretched it.

The New Friend was a little Bingo yarn that I bought at the Yarnery (on sale) for a scarf from A Fine Fleece. It will probably be for the Get Set for Winter program.

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