Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturdays and tisssues

Still have a cold. Still needing a nap. But . . . the "Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks" scarf is almost done. I'll be moving on to the matching hat next week. In the meantime, I owe Mr. Daisy a few rows on his Gentleman's Socks as payment for his modeling fee.

After my family flew the coop this afternoon - the girls off to a movie and then a dance and the boys, the grocery store - I canned tomato sauce. When the revolution comes, my family will be able to have - at least seven nights of spaghetti sauce. There were two more quarts in the hot water canning bath. I think this is why commercial canning was invented! Or perhaps, why potatoes are the preferred currency of revolutionaries everywhere.

When your Five Year Old Boy is picky about his socks, you know you are in for a long running fashion battle. Two pairs went into the donation box this week because he said "They're not right." They joined a fleece sweatshirt, two books and (the un-photographable-due-to-early-pickup) booster seat and box fan.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled sniffling and coughing.


Guinifer said...

Heh - we'll have a week's worth of pickles...

Anonymous said...

My mom used to can a lot of food. I really miss it now that I'm out on my own. I haven't been brave enough to try it. She had a pressure canner. I have a big blue pot with a rack in the bottom.