Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An unfortunate choice of names . . .

I took this photo with my cellphone camera while driving to school this week. Perhaps their advertising company didn't think this through?

Getting started with my Gentleman's Socks did take a bit of thought (and time - I kept miscounting my cast on of 80 stitches!) but I think I've got the pattern underway. It's a subtle, shifting kind of cable that runs through a repeat of four lines. It is important, however, the keep track of what line you are on.

It's not too hard, however, to knit while watching the convention and its attendant sideshow on television. I never imagined hearing the words "Saint Paul, Minnesota" and "anarchists" in the same sentence. Ah, well, a side effect of democracy.


fillyjonk said...

My understanding on the "Bimbo" is that it's an old name - perhaps predating the slang usage. I also THINK it has Mexican connections...that it's actually a Spanish word.

But yeah, doesn't work so well in the U.S. Maybe it's kind of like the Chevy Nova, which allegedly sold poorly in Spanish Speaking countries because "no va" means "It won't go"

Guinifer said...

Yea - I had to walk away from the sideshow - just too much for me. I watched Project Runway instead.