Tuesday, September 16, 2008

There's an odd story there . . .

Tonight was the annual Minnesota Knitters' Guild State Fair meeting. This is our best-attended meeting and it was worth the time spent. Knitters who have entered this year's State Fair display their items and then read aloud the judge's comments from the judging sheet.

Some of the background revealed tonight . . .

"There's an odd story here . . ."
"It would have been a blue ribbon if that other person hadn't entered!"
"They were talking about you in Fergus Falls!"
"The Table Linen entry people are much nicer - there was a happy face on the info sheet!"

(reading aloud)"Very nice work." "Okay!!"
"It was a symbolic victory for me!"
(Speaking about the fit of her sweater) "My husband said he might not let me out of the house!"

and, finally, the nicest statement came when one lady said, "but they are just slippers!" about her prize winning entry and
and someone else said

"but Blue Ribbons don't get given if they aren't deserved."

The lovely green shawl in the middle is a Laminaria knit by Deb over at Cashmere Dreams. Ever since I saw over at This Boy Knits, I've been longing for one - maybe this winter?

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