Saturday, September 06, 2008

Saturday fiber goodies

Sometimes you just have to get your fiber goodness where you can. I was out on a birthday-promises shopping trip with Middle Daughter and I found the best skirt pattern today at Crafty Planet.

She hasn't been too keen on the ones I've made for her before so I'll give another one a try with the Cute Skirts from Favorite Things. I also found some lovely fabric and Youngest Daughter bought a craft book. So, I'm guessing I'll be saving my knitting for the evening hours and working on sewing again.

I do love the shifting cable-esque pattern of the Gentleman Socks. With the lovely cool weather, I tried to find a fall leaf to set off the colors of the Trekking yarn but my trees haven't started to change yet.

Today's Saturday Seven was culled from my daughters' closets. Four sweaters (sacrilege!), a tank top, one tee shirt and a pair of tan pants.

What is it about khakis that makes my girls hate them so? Oldest Daughter had to buy a pair just to be able to volunteer over at the RNC this week. None of them have any for everyday wear. OD claims it is because they have worn twill dress pants as part of their school uniforms over the years.

I have many, many pairs of khakis in various shapes and sizes. I can remember the Preppy phase of the 1980's - that's when my sisters and I would go to Kmart to buy the Dickies brand of men's twill pants because they were cheaper than the Gap brand.

Ah, to again have a butt that would fit in men's cut pants!

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